“Based on her 30 years of study on indigenous health and practices of the Igorots, a professor from the University of the Philippines Baguio is invoking the power of spiritual healing over diseases covered by the indigenous and spiritual practices in the Cordillera region.
Science and Spirituality Go Hand-in Hand Among Mountain Tribes


UP Baguio professor Erlinda Palaganas authored the study, which focused on the traditional practices of various tribes in the region and that mainly contributed to the health and welfare in their communities. It presented health related researches by various health practitioners in the Cordillera from 1980 to 2010.

“Unfortunately, indigenous knowledge has always been perceived as backward, negative and with no positive effect, but what the people don’t look into is its principles and it being a way of life. If it helps in the health of the person, then it has a basis,” Palaganas said.

Palaganas also highlighted the herbal medicines endemic in the communities. While these are being used, spiritual beliefs influence the users’ knowledge of the potency of the medicines.”


(An article by Desiree Caluza, as published in www.positivelyfilipino.com)

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