Babaylan Mandala I-I

Beginning over 400 years ago, the coming of Western colonizers shaped the identity of Filipinos. As the gold of our ancestors and the motherland were wrested away and loaded upon Spanish galleons to be delivered to the conquerors’ home across the seas, so too was the richness of Filipino identity and spirituality replaced with dysfunctional perceptions of the superiority of the conquerors’ race, religion and ways and the innate inferiority of the indios’. 


Filipinos today who awaken and stand strong in their identity, history, heritage and the center of their being(Loob), find their inner light, their inner gold. The Babaylan Mandalas and all their symbols of the 4 elements and baybayin scripts represent the reclaiming of the Filipinos’ Inner Gold… We know when the Babaylan Spirit rises within any one of us when She guides us to help our Kapwa find theirs.

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