2015 Kapwa and Loob: Filipino Popular Spirituality as Cultural Energy


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KAPWA and LOOB:  Filipino Popular Spirituality as Cultural Energy
May 28, 2015, 7:00 pm
SIPA Multi-purpose Room (sipa-online.org)

About the Speaker

Fr. Albert E. Alejo will talk about the concept LOOB as a Filipino core value together with KAPWA. In this talk, he connects these values to the deep spirituality of Filipinos (in its folk or popular forms) and how it becomes a source for the creation and manifestation of our cultural energies. Come and deepen your appreciation for our Filipino indigenous spirituality and cultural creativity.

Fr. Alejo is a philosopher/poet-lyricist/anthropologist/mediator-peacemaker. He is involved in so many social issues in the homeland but most specially he is an advocate for the rights of indigenous peoples and communities. He is a sought-after mediator-peacemaker in interfaith negotiations and dialogue between Indigenous Peoples, Muslims and Christians in Mindanao. He is also one of the key co-creators of the EHEMPLO! movement – an anti-graft and corruption movement in the Philippines. He is the author of Tao Po! Tuloy:Isang Landas ng Pagunawa sa Loob ng Tao and Generating Energies in Mt Apo.

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