2016 Third International Babaylan Conference

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Date: September 23-25, 2016
Venue: YMCA Camp Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast
Unceded Coast Salish Territories




This conference is co-created by the Kathara Society

and the Center for Babaylan Studies

Our Vision:

This is the Third International Babaylan Conference. In the first conference in 2010 we focused on the theme of KAPWA (Shared Being) as one of the core concepts in Filipino Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP). At the second conference in 2013, we wanted to deepen our grounding in IKSP; thus, we focused on the power of myths, indigenous storytelling, and oral history as part of our process of decolonization and re-learning of a sense of indigeneity as Filipinos in the diaspora.

In this third conference/gathering we follow the thread of re-indigenization by looking at our histories of colonial migration within the larger context of settler colonialism and what our presence as Settlers on Native Lands means for building just relationships with our native relatives. Likewise, in recognition of the centuries of encounters and interrelationships between Filipinos and Native peoples in North America (US and Canada), our desire is to make these interconnections visible. Our vision is to be able to find common ground and mutually-edifying partnerships as we struggle to decolonize and recover a greater intactness in our relationship with the Land and ancestral traditions within our respective communities and histories. We share the hope of being able to learn what it means to live justly with all our relations and our goal is to be able to bring indigenous knowledge and practices from the Philippine homeland as part of that vision.

What We Want to Deliver:

CfBS, in partnership with the Kathara Society, is organizing a conference in Vancouver where we focus on the conference theme of building bridges and interconnections with the original peoples of Turtle Island. We explore this theme through workshops, creative performances, ritual and ceremony, and educational opportunities where we can learn and connect with one another. Artists and cultural stakeholders will lead participants through different mediums of learning to reflect and share stories, ideas, and experiences that honour our indigenous roots, histories and legacies.

Our Goals:
: to continue to build and strengthen our Filipino communities in the diaspora through the sharing of Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP);
: to listen and dialogue with Filipinos who are of mixed ancestry (Filipino and Native) and bring their stories to the community (that is largely immigrant);
: to share contemporary practices of culture sharing between indigenizing (settler) Filipinos and Filipinos with Aboriginal/Turtle Islanders/Native heritage;
: to dialogue on what it means to be an immigrant/settler on Native lands;
: to develop a collective understanding of colonization and its parallels in the Philippine homeland as well as Turtle Island.
: to locate our conversations at this conference/gathering within the ongoing challenge of the globalization of cultures and economies, the destruction of the ecosystem, and the very real danger of climate change, and
: to plant seeds of hope and beauty as we return to our local communities (both human and more-than-human) and re-learn the wisdom and ways of our ancestors.

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