We are always drumming for CFBS sponsors and volunteers and hoping that you will step forward and dance with us. For as Agnes Miclat-Cacayan writes about the babaylan: “she dances in wholeness.”

Many thanks to our volunteers who have helped bring about and are still helping bring about fabulous fundraisers and events for the First and Second International Babaylan Conferences. We have this beautiful vision for the Babaylan conferences of bringing culture-bearers and babaylan-inspired artists and scholars from the Philippines. With yours, our volunteers love, support and participation, we were able to hold this vision and shared it with many others when the conferences took place in 2010 and 2013.  Likewise in 2011 and 2012, our volunteers made our symposium, retreats, festival participation, book events, and community rituals possible.  Without our cohort of volunteers, we would not be able to serve our communities.

We thank our promoters, web divas, researchers, and various committee people.

Maraming salamat sa inyo lahat.
Daku gid nga kabalaslan.

Volunteers – Committees, Events and Fundaisers:

Much love and light and many thanks to our volunteers who are helping with promoting, blog and FB group updates, fundraising, videos, photography, very special events, and spiritual support:

Banaag (Ray of Light) Members

Virgil Mayor Apostol
Titania Buchholdt
Roque Bucton
Perla Daly – Co-Director/Co-Founder, 2009-2012
Venedel Herbito
Geej Langlois
Letecia Layson – Co-Director/Co-Founder, 2009-2012
Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
Lorial Crowder
Baylan Megino – Co-Director/Co-Founder, 2009-2010
Lane Wilcken – Core Member, 2010-2014
Karen Pennrich – Core Member, 2010-2011
Kulintang Friends of the Bay Area (KGBA)
Cristina Rose Smith
Iraya Robles
Frances Santiago – Co-Director, 2014
Venus Herbito – Co-Director, 2014

Alaya (Dawn) Members

Kriya Anguluan
Marisza Barreras
Mylene Cahimbing
Rosalie Zerrudo
Archie De Leon
Marybelle Bustos
Holly Calica
Niki Escobar
Carol Gamiao
Margarita Garcia
Aimee Gomez
Ingrid Gonzales
Will Gutierrez
Judy Helfand
Mary Hernandez
Christine Jugueta
Carol Ojeda Kimbrough
Kulintang Dance Theater (KDT)
Jay Malvar
Paul Kekai Manansala
Jennifer Navarro
Jodie Olympia
Fay Olympia
Alleluia Panis and Kularts
Felicia Perez
Ron Quesada
Olivia Sawi
Mary Ann Ubaldo
Junice Uy