Former Co-Director: Venus C. Herbito

Former Core Member: Venus C. Herbito

Venus Cerdon Herbito is an independent film/video artist whose work affirms the feminine, Earth-honoring traditions and the beauty, power, and resilience of indigenous cultures and ways of knowing. Born in Daraga, Albay, Philippines and raised in Los Angeles, CA, her ancestors are Bikol, Sugbo, and Ilokano from Luzon and Cebu islands. She is a graduate from Naropa University where she completed her Master’s degree in Indigenous Mind/Creation Spirituality in 2006.

Since 2009, she has been working with the Center For Babaylan Studies in co-creating workshops, fundraisers, symposiums and conferences with a focus on keeping alive the integrity of Philippine ancestral rituals and practices.

Venus is also a documentary video producer for the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, a non-profit organization based in Hawai’i dedicated to the revitalization, exploration, growth and exchange of indigenous knowledge globally. Over the past decade, she has interviewed/filmed traditional healers/wisdomkeepers from the Visayas, Bikol/Luzon, Hawaii, Alaska, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Altai Republic, Japan, Mexico and Ethiopia to perpetuate the living healing traditions. Her focus through WISN has been to support the voices of those who help to protect sacred sites, animals and indigenous spirituality. Since 2007, she has also collaborated with Wisdom University’s New Chartres Mystery School in France alongside Dr. Apela Colorado in producing short film narratives around collective “Dreaming” in relation to a sacred site. Currently she is researching Bikol and Sugbuano (Cebu) healing traditions and her ancestors’ creation stories, and works full-time with The California Endowment.