Former Co-Director: Mila Anguluan-Coger

Mila Anguluan-CogerMila Anguluan-Coger is an Itawit native from Tuao, Cagayan of Northern Philippines, currently contributing her ethnic flavor to the California cultural stew through Indigenous Intergenerational Story Exchange. She is the program director of the Silver Lake Adult Day Health Care Center in L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown and is also a doctoral student in Expressive Arts Therapies at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.

Her bliss is to unveil herself in the light of Kapwa, and discover how using the expressive arts can transform the CFBS’ cultural collective work. She sees this as a medium for Indigenization and Liberation among diasporic communities, who are in constant search for meaning and identity in the local and global arenas.

Personal Statement

To live a life of myth is to delve into the deepest meaning that a story can unfold. Mythmaking therefore is a story-web that allows the telling of our ancestors’ stories to transform My Story and Your Story into Our Stories, a beautifully evolving handiwork of the past and the present melded to provide a path to the future. Can we further define our lives by continuing our collective mythmaking? CFBS offers a way of reaching out and discovering how our indigenous roots can help cultivate the full expression of our mythic being and becoming.