Co-Director: Lizae Cervantes Reyes

Lizae was born in Catmon, Cebu and raised in Metro Manila. She has lived in California for more than 35 years. She has dedicated her calling to facilitating young children’s innate creativity as a pre-school teacher and children are the best teachers in awakening her Indigenous Soul. She is deep into her Harp healing practice combining different forms of Artistic expressions such as dance, poetry, indigenous-inspired sounds and music and Ancestral re-membering which to her are like endless streams; ripe and ready to play their role in the co-creation of CFBS’ collective vision. She discovered her Subanen Ancestral heritage from her paternal Grandfather side. Her continuous trips to the Motherland have been a series of profound experiences imbued with a lot of lessons in humility, Ancestry and awakening to different ways of knowing. Returning to the place from which she sprang is according to her a Spiritual Journey in itself. Her soul family includes everyone in the world that is doing good work to make this world a better place. When she plays her Harp, it is an offering, celebrating the Divinity in all things.