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Center for Babaylan Studies

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CFBS bridges those in the diaspora with living babaylan of the Philippines and with indigenous living traditions.
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Dear CfBS Community,

For almost a decade, CfBS has been sailing on the dedication, passion, commitment, vision, and love of a few individuals who stepped forward to create our community of babaylan-inspired sojourners….

…Please join us in welcoming Ate Lily into her new role as Director. Ate Lily has long been supporting Leny’s work as well as that of CfBS. She has naturally stepped into guidance, leadership, vision, and motivation… May these changes bring energy and sustenance to our beautiful and evolving CfBS community which include new Core members who are getting their feet wet, flexing their muscles, and growing the bone memories that will be the seeds of our future endeavors.

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Reflections on 2016 Conference


… A central part of this ancestral work is learning indigenous spiri­tuality as embodied in the tradition called by various names among our indigenous peoples: babaylan, balian, baylan, mumbaki, patu­tunong, mandadawak, etc.

Our name, Center for Babaylan Studies, recognizes the work of de­colonization/indigenization as not only social and political, but, above all, spiritual (among our Indigenous Peoples, no such artifi­cial divisions exist—all work is spiritual!). The sacredness of all life and the recognition of our ultimate source in the generosity of living Earth is at the heart of the world­view we seek to honor and recover in our practice…

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